How much is the security deposit?

In Brussels, the deposit is two months' rent.
In Flanders, the deposit is three months' rent.

The deposit is transferred to Korfine's holdings account. After signing your rental contract the deposit document will be sent to you automatically.

What costs are not included in the monthly rental price?

The one-off cost for drawing up an inventory of the premises of €302.50 (including VAT). This cost covers both the entry as well as exit inventory of the premises.

Furthermore, there is a fixed monthly cost depending on your apartment type:

  • 1 bedroom: 79 EUR
  • 2 bedrooms: 99 EUR
  • 3 bedrooms: 109 EUR

*These prices are reviewed annually.

This monthly cost includes:

  • Basic internet
  • Waste management
  • Heat pump maintenance
  • Ventilation system maintenance
  • Weekly cleaning of communal areas

Other costs: water, electricity, insurance, etc. Don't hesitate to ask the coach for additional information.

What is the duration of the rental contract?

We offer a standard rental contract of one year.
After one year, you can extend the rental contract under the following conditions:

Legislation in Brussels:
in Brussels, you can extend your contract unlimited times up to a maximum rental period of three years. After three years you automatically fall under the 3-6-9 system.

Legislation in Flanders:
In Flanders you can extend once for a limited period as long as you do not exceed the maximum period of three years.

After a second extension, you automatically enter a 3-6-9 contract.

Can I terminate my rental contract prematurely?

Yes, you can under the following conditions:

Rental contract of ≤ 3 years:

In Brussels, there is a notice period of 3 months + a termination fee of 1 month

In Flanders, there is a notice period of 3 months + a termination fee of:

  • 1.5 months if cancelled in the first year
  • 1 month if cancelled in the second year
  • 0.5 months if cancelled in the third year

Rental contract of 9 years:

Brussels: Notice period of 3 months + termination fee of:

  • 3 months' rent if the rental contract ends during the 1st year.
  • 2 months' rent if the rental contract ends during the 2nd year.
  • 1 month's rent if the rental contract ends during the 3rd year.

Notice period of 3 months.

Is it possible to change the tenancy during the contract period?

Yes, that is possible.

In that case, we make an appendage of this change of tenancy and add it to the existing rental contract. Do keep in mind that this will require an interim inventory of the premises (= new tenant pays 150 EUR).

There will also be an interim entry and exit check of the specific bedroom.

How do I get an Upliving apartment?

Submit an online request for an appointment.
Our colleagues will contact you with more information.

If, after visiting, you definitely want to move in, submit your candidacy and attach:

  • A convincing application letter
  • Proof that you are solvent (e.g. last three salary slips)
  • Copy of your ID(s).

If your candidacy is accepted, we will invite you to sign your rental contract!

What communal facilities are there?

Standard facilities include a laundry and secure bicycle parking, as well as a BBQ corner, a garden, a communal meeting place and (free) shared bikes.

Furthermore, we also have great extras that can vary from building to building, such as a roof terrace or a shared electric car.

Do we have to sort out the electricity, water and insurance ourselves?

When you move in, we create an account for you with our partner Smooved. This enables us to arrange your electricity and water contracts within a few minutes.

We can request tenant insurance via this platform too, though you can also arrange this beforehand with your current insurance company.

Is it compulsory to register as a resident at Upliving?

Yes, it is. You must register with the applicable municipality.

What if I discover other defects after signing the inventory of the premises?

No worries. Photos can be added to your inventory of the premises in the first two weeks. So make sure you carefully check your inventory of the premises and your apartment thoroughly. If you discover other defects, take photos and send them in a clearly explained email to

Where can I find general information about staying at Upliving?

Before you move in, your coach will send you an email with the ‘Upliving_Introduction’ document. This contains lots of useful information about apps, how-tos, communication, etc.



What is the Tapazz app and what do I need it for?

At Upliving The Brewery, we use the Tapazz app for various services: the Laundry, the Eco Shared Car and the short-term parking spaces.

You have all received an email to download the app.

How do I activate my account?
  • Accept the invitation in the email.
  • Download the app and log in.
How do I book a washing machine and dryer?
  • Open the Tapazz app.
  • Click on ‘Laundry’ and book a machine of your choice.
  • Indicate the time that you would like to wash/dry.
  • Go to ‘today’ / ‘bookings’ and you will see an overview of your reservations.
  • At the reserved time, go to the Laundry, open the app and press 'start booking'.
  • After several notifications, the app will look for the washing machine/dryer and display an ‘open/close’ button.
  • You will see that the washing machine or dryer will now turn on, so you can select the cycle you want.
  • End your booking within the reserved hours.
  • After your first booking, you will receive an email to pay for the wash.
How much does it cost to use the washing machine?

It costs €1 per hour*. A wash lasts at least two hours.

*These rates may change.

What should I be aware of during my booked washing time?
  • Start the booking within 15 minutes. Later than 15 mins = no show fee.
  • End your booking on time. If you end it later, you will be charged a fine.
  • Payments are deducted from your account per wash.
  • You will receive a reminder email 10 minutes before the end of your booking.
How do I reserve the Eco Shared Car?

The car works the same way as the laundry. By reserving the car, you can unlock it and start driving.

The rate is €7 per hour*.

*These rates may change.

What should I be aware of during my trip?
  • Do not forget the charging cable when you leave.
  • Do not forget to recharge the car on arrival.
  • Always start your booking within 15 minutes after your start time.
  • Always calculate (more than) enough time. It is better to book an hour too much than pay double if you are late.
  • Last but not least: Always end your booking once you have parked the car back in its space.
Help! I cannot start the shared car!

The shared car contains an instruction card with all the information, including a link to a video where you will find additional information.

Read the information carefully and watch the video, and it will be clear.

How do I reserve a parking space for a short period?

We have various parking spaces for short stays in car park A. You can find our rates below:

  • 1 day: 24 hrs = €5*
  • 1 week: 7 days = €25*

*These rates may change.

What should I be aware of when renting a parking space?

When you are in front of the garage, you can open it via the app (once you have started your booking).

Always start your booking to prevent double bookings.

I have a problem with my Tapazz account. Who can I contact?

Contact the helpdesk:

How do I use the shared bikes?

The shared bikes are free to use through the LINKA GO app. You can find a video about using them in the introduction document.

Click here to see the video

Is there a problem with a bike? Inform your coach.



How do I reserve the Co-Chill Room, BBQ or window cleaning set?*

Via the QR code on the screen in the entrance hall, you will get to the booking calendar.

  • The window cleaning set is free to use. Put the set back in its place after use.
  • Co-Chill Room: a reservation costs €50**. Please transfer this amount to the Upliving Community account straight after making the booking.
  • BBQ: a reservation costs €10**. Please transfer this amount to the Upliving Community account straight after making the booking.

*This question is for The Brewery only. Information for The Mill & Queen will be added soon.

**These rates may change.



What should I do if my internet connection isn't working or is unstable?

We have a 24/7 support service with Smarteye, the supplier.
You can find their phone number on your modem in your technical store room: 09 395 60 00.

I would like faster internet. Can I get that?

There are various upgrades available.
Ask your coach for more information about our PLUS and MAX packages.



How does the doorbell work

Each building has a Fasttel system. Your apartment number is linked to your telephone, so you will get a call when someone rings your bell.
You are best saving this number as 'doorbell' in your phone.
You can open the door with your phone by pressing '2'.

How does my badge work, and do I have access to everywhere?*

The badge gives you access to all the doors you need.
Scan the wall scanner and as soon as the light turns green, you can open the door.

Salto KS app:
The Salto KS app is linked to your badge. Salto KS will send you an email with an invitation and you can easily download the app. This means you can use your smartphone as an extra key.

*The Salto system is used in Queen and The Brewery. Information about the system in the Mill will follow soon.



*This explanation is only valid for The Brewery. Information for The Mill and Queen will follow as soon as possible. 

Where can I get rid of my waste?

There are a total of four waste areas at Upliving The Brewery.

  • Building 29: for 29 & 31
  • Building 25: for 25 & 23
  • Building 19: for 19, 21, 23 & 25
  • Building 17: for 17
How do I sort my waste?

We have three types of waste containers:

  • BLACK: non-recyclable waste (waste can go in any bag)
  • YELLOW: cardboard/paper (no bag, no plastic, polystyrene or other)
  • BLUE: PMD: plastic, metal and drinks cartons (if in a bag: transparent)

Food waste may be given to the chickens – in accordance with the information on the poster on the chicken run.

What should I do if the waste containers are not present in the waste area?

If the waste containers are not in their usual spot, you will probably find them outside ready for collection.

At The Brewery, containers are put outside for collection on Wednesday and brought back inside on Thursday evening.

One golden rule: never leave your waste behind on the floor.  Just go outside and throw it away in the corresponding container.

Where can I take my bulk household waste?

Your bulk household waste belongs at one of the container parks in Brussels. Check the Bruxelles-Propreté website:



How does my dishwasher work?

Check the instructions via the following link:

How does my combi oven work?

Check the instructions via the following link:

The light in my toilet stays on! What do I do?

The lighting in the toilet and store room works automatically.
The sensor is very sensitive and usually detects you before you realise it, even when the door is closed.

The length of time the light stays on can be adjusted: 5 seconds / 90 seconds / 3 minutes.
If you want it adjusted, contact your coach.

How does my heat pump work?

First and foremost, contact your coach if there is a problem.

Help! I don't have hot water. What do I do?

Check whether the light on the front of the heat pump is green.

If the light on your heat pump is red, you can reset it using the sliding knob on the front of the heat pump.

Turn off the heat pump, wait 10 seconds and then turn it back on.
Ask your coach to arrange a thorough check.

How can I adjust my ventilation?

Your ventilation has three settings.
Setting 2 is the ideal setting for each apartment.
Can you hear blowing/sucking?
If so, feel free to put it on 1 at night, but don't forget to put it back to 2 in the morning.
If you have a lot of visitors, we recommend using setting 3.

FILTER has appeared on the ventilation unit on my ceiling. What should I do?

If FILTER appears, you can remove the two filters from the ventilation unit, vacuum them and put them back.
Then press 'OK' and everything will be fine.
The ventilation and heat pump system are checked thoroughly and the filters are replaced once a year.

I have damaged my apartment. What is it going to cost me?

Ask the coach for the Upfix-it document. Here, you will find a price list of all possible repairs.



Where can I find the right colour codes to paint or repaint the walls in my apartment?

Our walls were painted with professional paint. It is important that you use the same paint. You can find it in specific shops: i.e. Caron Laeken (10 mins from Upliving).

  • White walls: Tennis white RAL 9010 (BRAND : HERBOL)
  • Grey walls: Flamant Noire de Lune 190

! Please note: the same colour codes apply to the doors but you need a different paint (door paint instead of wall paint).

As a tenant, do I have to clean my own windows?

Yes, you do! You can use the window cleaning set for free, which you reserve via the QR code on the screen in your entrance hall.

As a tenant, am I responsible for scrubbing my terrace?

Yes, you are. It is important that you scrub your terrace annually. The best way is to use a scrubbing brush and (ecological) cleaning product.



Help, I have seen a mouse on my terrace! What do I do?

Mice are excellent climbers so they could easily be seen on terraces up to the 6th floor. Never leave rubbish lying around on your terrace and make sure you do not collect waste there either.

Help, I have seen a mouse in my apartment! What do I do?

Make sure your food is not accessible. There is a big chance the mouse came in through your terrace door. Having said that, mice only need a hole the width of a pencil to gain access. Make sure they cannot get to any food in your apartment. Spotted pests in your apartment? Take action immediately & inform your coach.



Where can I track my electricity consumption?

Both buildings have a large room with meters in the cellar. You have access to this so you can track your meter readings. If you can't find it or can't get inside,contact your coach who will show you.

Where can I track my water consumption?

Your water meter is close to your apartment. You will find it in the large white cupboard in the hallway.

I have questions about my electricity/water consumption. Who can I contact?

Send an email to and they will help you further.



Why have I received a reminder from Upliving for rent arrears?

Please send an email to and our colleagues will be happy to look into it for you.

I would like to change the account number for my direct debit. Is that possible?

No problem at all. Send your details to and we will change it for you as soon as we can.



My neighbours are causing a nuisance. What can I do?

We are all respectful people. Try to get acquainted with your neighbors and share each other's contact details. Communication is the key to living in harmony.

If you suffer from nuisance on a regular basis, do not hesitate to contact our coach.

I would like to throw a party. Is that allowed?

We want everyone to be able to enjoy their apartment as much as they can. That includes an occasional party, but of course while respecting your neighbour's boundaries. Inform your neighbour about the upcoming party or invite them to come, and the nuisance will be kept to a minimum. Cheers!