You probably have some questions about renting from Upliving. To help you quickly and efficiently, 
we created an FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions. Do you not find an answer to your question here,
don't hesitate to get in touch.


How much is the security deposit?
  • In Brussels, the deposit is two months' rent.
  • In Flanders, the deposit is three months' rent.

The deposit is transferred to Korfine's holdings account. After signing your rental contract the deposit document will be sent to you automatically.

What costs are not included in the monthly rental price?

The one-off cost for drawing up a tenancy inspection depends on your apartment type. This cost covers both the entry as well as exit inventory of the premises:

  • STUDIO: 200 euros

  • 1-BEDROOM: 250 euros

  • 2-BEDROOM: 300 euros

  • 3-BEDROOM: 350 euros

  • 4-BEDROOM: 400 euros

Furthermore, there is a fixed monthly cost* depending on your apartment type. This cost is related to the techniques used in the apartment and the associated maintenance costs. Below is an overview of the different fixed costs per building and unit:


  • 1-BEDROOM: 99 euros
  • 2-BEDROOM: 124 euros
  • 3-BEDROOM: 139 euros


  • STUDIO: 89 euros
  • 1-BEDROOM: 129 euros 
  • 2-BEDROOM: 164 euros
  • 3-BEDROOM: 189 euros


  • STUDIO: 104 euros
  • 1-BEDROOM: 119 euros 
  • 2-BEDROOM: 144 euros
  • 3-BEDROOM: 154 euros
  • 4-BEDROOM: 164 euros

*These prices are revised annually and may therefore vary.

This monthly cost includes:

  • Basic internet
  • Waste management
  • Heat pump maintenance
  • Ventilation system maintenance
  • Weekly cleaning of communal areas

Other costs: water, electricity, insurance, etc. 

Don't hesitate to ask the coach for additional information.

What is the duration of the rental contract?

We offer a standard rental contract of one year.
After one year, you can extend the rental contract under the following conditions:

Legislation in Brussels:
in Brussels, you can extend your contract unlimited times up to a maximum rental period of three years. After three years you automatically fall under the 3-6-9 system.

Legislation in Flanders:
In Flanders you can extend once for a limited period as long as you do not exceed the maximum period of three years. After a second extension, you automatically enter a 3-6-9 contract.

Can I terminate my rental contract prematurely?

Yes, you can under the following conditions:

Rental contract of ≤ 3 years:

In Brussels, there is a notice period of 3 months + a termination fee of 1 month

In Flanders, there is a notice period of 3 months + a termination fee of:

  • 1.5 months if cancelled in the first year
  • 1 month if cancelled in the second year
  • 0.5 months if cancelled in the third year

Rental contract of 9 years:

Brussels: Notice period of 3 months + termination fee of:

  • 3 months' rent if the rental contract ends during the 1st year.
  • 2 months' rent if the rental contract ends during the 2nd year.
  • 1 month's rent if the rental contract ends during the 3rd year.

Notice period of 3 months.

Is it possible to change the tenancy during the contract period?

Yes, that is possible.

In that case, we make an appendage of this change of tenancy and add it to the existing rental contract. Do keep in mind that this will require an interim inventory of the premises (= new tenant pays 150 euros).

There will also be an interim entry and exit check of the specific bedroom.

How do I get an Upliving apartment?

Submit your application via our website so that we can find the perfect match.
Our colleagues will contact you further with more information and will be happy to visit the desired project with you.

What communal facilities are there?

Standard facilities include a laundry room (Laundry) and guarded bicycle storage, as well as a BBQ corner, a garden, and a communal meeting area.

In addition, we have some nice extras that may vary from building to building, such as a roof terrace in Upliving - The Mill. You can find all communal facilities per building on our project pages.

Do we have to sort out the electricity, water and insurance ourselves?

When you move in, we create an account for you with our partner Smooved. This enables us to arrange your electricity and water contracts within a few minutes.

We can request tenant insurance via this platform too, though you can also arrange this beforehand with your current insurance company.

Is it compulsory to register as a resident at Upliving?

Yes, it is compulsory to register in the relevant municipality.

*UITZ: in Upliving Ghent - Loop5 you do not have to be domiciled in the relevant municipality.