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Upliving Ghent - Queen
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A well-located housing concept for young professionals in Ghent.

Looking for a new place in Ghent with a nice community and shared facilities? Then Upliving Ghent - Queen might be something for you!

Near Gent-Sint-Pieters Station and the bustling city centre, you can find 28 brand new rental flats and 3 rental houses with a city garden, co-chillroom, laundry, ... A dream spot for every young, dynamic starter. Moreover, we completely unburden our tenants with our own management service with handyman services and an Upliving coach. Renting from us is very flexible with our one-year leases.

Info & pricing

Partially furnished studios, apartments and houses

Flexible lease agreements for 1 year

Shared facilities: common areas, laundry room, co-chillroom, ...

Excellent management by the Upliving coach

Ideal base for young professionals!

Koningin Fabiolalaan 7, 9000 Ghent

Close to the city center of Ghent and Gent-Sint-Pieters station

Located amidst a green environment, near the Citadelpark

Upliving Ghent - Queen

All-inclusive living

You not only get a lovely semi-furnished studio, apartment or house at a top location in Ghent. You also get a number of shared facilities, such as a relaxing city garden, a laundry, a co-chillroom, .... On top of that, you get free membership of the Upgrade Academy, where you can join inspiring talks and workshops.

Binnentuin Upliving Ghent - Queen

Optimal service

Meet Tamara, the Upliving coach. She's your point of contact for all questions you might have. She organises the best after work events, parties and great cooking workshops - good vibes guaranteed! 

Coach Tamara

100% flexible


We make things easy for you! No hassle with energy suppliers and internet providers. Thanks to the built-in wardrobes and furniture you only need to move half of your stuff. And our rental contracts for 1 year make it easy for you to follow your current dreams (and not worry about the future).  


Community experience

At Upliving, you will have no trouble meeting motivated young professionals from various sectors and fields. Dive into the Ghent nightlife together, inspire each other at our get- togethers and keep building your dreams.

Community Upliving

Sustainable urban living

At Upliving, we choose sustainable alternative energy sources. We consciously re-use rainwater and we leave space for cool, green areas. The city is only a short bike ride away, and you’re close to bus and tram connections. Need a bike or car? You can book our shared bikes and car - how easy is that! 


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