Next-level rental apartments for starters

You’re young and there are things you want. Especially a great apartment in the city, where you feel at home. Ideally with welcoming neighbours, a trendy interior and a flexible rental contract from 1 year. Welcome to Upliving!

If you move to Upliving, that pit stop at Ikea's textile and lighting departments won’t be necessary. Because your apartment or studio is already kitted out with curtains, light fittings and trendy wall cabinets . You just need to put your spider plant in the perfect spot and it's home sweet home!

Because we care about others and the planet, Upliving also offers shared facilities: a laundry bar, a green city garden with a BBQ and real chickens, a secure bicycle shed, an event space for birthday parties or coworking… We’ve even thought of shared bicycles and a shared car. Is something broken? The repair service will fix it!

As well as washing machines and a BBQ, all the residents also share the same mindset. Thanks to the Upliving coach, you can also get to know each other during quizzes, cooking workshops and other get-togethers (though there's no obligation to attend of course!). Yep, it’s just like Friends. But with a bit more privacy.

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