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Welcome at Upliving
Go your own way in a vibrant community

Partially furnished houses


Shared facilities


Coach and handyman service


Warm community

Comfortable city living

Where do you want to live?

Upliving brings people together. Whether you choose bustling Brussels or warm historical Ghent, your adventure starts at Upliving.

Gedeeltelijk ingerichte woningen
Gemeenschappelijke faciliteiten
Upliving Coach
Flexibele huurcontracten
Carefree living thanks to our smart concept
Partially furnished apartments
At Upliving, you rent a studio, apartment or house that includes attractive-looking curtains, light fittings, a fitted kitchen and handy wall cabinets. So you only have to move half your stuff.
Carefree living thanks to our smart concept
Shared facilities
A living space with shared facilities where it is nice to live as a resident, where you can relax and work with others and where you can easily unwind. It adds value and enriches your experience and way of life.
Carefree living thanks to our smart concept
Optimal service
The Upliving coach guarantees your special living experience with a exceptional service. He/she is the contact person for all your questions and organises the best after-works, parties and workshops. So you can enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Carefree living thanks to our smart concept
Flexible rental contracts
With short-term rental contracts, you only commit to your current dreams.
Carefree living thanks to our smart concept
Sustainable living in the city
We resolutely opt for sustainably generated energy, use rainwater consciously and choose cool green quiet spots. Moreover, the city centre is never far away.
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Upliving Moments

Meet the Upliving community. From close friendships to true love stories.

A Smashing Success: The Upliving Padel Cup


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Erich Marx
Upliving BXL - The Brewery

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1 year Queen Upliving

Queen Upliving - Gent

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Welcome at Brasserie Parkiet!

Upliving BXL - The Brewery

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From Portugal to Belgium

Queen Upliving Gent

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Smart, sustainable and energy-efficient 

With Upliving, we aim to be zero carbon by 2035. In our green buildings, we take sustainability and responsible energy use to the highest level.

Rent your energy-efficient home

Upliving Queen

Ventilation system D


Heat pump


Rainwater recovery


Solar panels


EV-chargers (Car & bike)




This is what our tenants say

The collaboration was exceptionally smooth and positive; I can wholeheartedly recommend them. No issues whatsoever.

Aurélie D.

Very smooth staff, I hardly had to arrange anything myself, everything was done for me. So I can definitely recommend it!

Lukas L.

I love my apartment from Upliving. The concept is completely new and is proving to be a successful idea. Creating a community is not an easy task, but the team at Upliving does it effortlessly. I live here and enjoy every moment I spend here.

Senthil K.

From the Open Day to the move, everything went very smoothly. Every situation was understood, every question was answered soon and all with a smile. After a week of living in an Upliving building, I can confirm that everything is as previously mentioned: top!

Boris T.