Padel players


A Smashing Success: The Upliving Padel Cup

After the successful edition of the Big Upliving Games last year, the Upliving coaches joined forces once again to bring you 'The Event of the Year': The Padel Cup. This event was the perfect opportunity for Brussels residents to meet their counterparts from Ghent and vice versa.


The day was packed with excitement as 25 duos competed in a thrilling Padel match, vying for the ultimate victory. Our participants were well-prepared thanks to the guidance of a professional coach who ensured everyone was in top form.

In addition to the exhilarating Padel matches, attendees were treated to a tour of Upoffiz – Loop5, the site of our latest Upliving project: Upliving Ghent – Loop5. This gave everyone a glimpse into our newest state-of-the-art facilities and the vibrant community we are building there.

After a fun-filled afternoon, 3 teams emerged as the well-deserved champions, celebrating their victory in great spirits.

As the sun set on a memorable afternoon, Many lingered in the warm evening sun, enjoying delicious pizza and reveling in the camaraderie.